Welcome to my site! My name is ciara Robinson & i Love Poetry


My Background

i Was Born & raised in Ozark Alabama & My Passion is Poetry. I been writing poetry since i was 13 i took a break from it for awhile because i had kids and i had to focus on them but i’m ready to start back writinig my poems  & i wanted to share them with the world 🙂 & i Would Love To Hear Some Of Yall poems & if i like them i will publish them on my site & promote them on my social media pages just for 5.00 just email me your poem 🙂

My writing roots

i Started Writing because i went threw a lot when i was younger & writing help me escape my problems .


My style

Free Writing , Telling A Story


For Only 5.00 you can email me your poem and i will post it on my sites & media & promote it for you